ProPenis Exercises
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There are 16 exercises to the program
  • 9 exercises to lengthen the penis.
  • 1 exercise to enlarge the scrotum and improve blood circulation.
  • 3 exercises to the testicles to enhance sperm cell production and the very important virilising male hormone testosterone and improve blood circulation.
  • 1 exercise to develop a natural foreskin and improve the erection strength.
  • 1 exercise to strengthen the skin and prevent easy infection, open the prepuce and prevent the circumcision operation to the adult male.
  • Exercise 1 lengthens and straightens the penis in the flaccid and erect position, relaxes the suspensory ligament, removes BPH tissue from the urethra and prostate gland, improves blood circulation, prevents or cures infection of the prostate gland and premature ejaculation, stimulates cowpers gland and the network of sensitive nerves, improves the erection strength, ejaculation force, volume and orgasm, flow of urine, bladder control and bowel movement, enhances the function of the entire pleasure, reproductive, urinary and nervous system,

    Exercise 2 lengthens and straightens the penis, (Banana shaped or peyronies) in the flaccid and erect position, relaxes the suspensory ligament, removes BPH tissue from the urethra and prostate gland, improves blood circulation, prevents or cures infection of the prostate gland, premature ejaculation, stimulates the cowpers gland and network of sensitive nerves, improves erection strength, flow of urine, bladder control and bowel movement, enhances the function of the entire pleasure reproductive, urinary and nervous system. This exercise is quite harsh and tends to tire the penis. If weak erections are being experienced concentrate on exercises one, three, four, nine, ten, eleven, fifteen and sixteen. Exercises can be mixed around and not necessarily done in numerical order. If erections interfere when exercising in the flaccid state, continue with exercises three, four or seven.

    Exercise 3 & 4 adds length and girth to the penis in the flaccid and erect position, during exercise all the openings in the spongy tissue (corpora cavernosa) are enlarged (generally quite poorly developed) strengthened and improved with enhanced blood circulation, improving health, strength, skin texture, and virility for natural erections. The strengthening of the skin and penis mechanism during exercise prevents easy infection, premature ejaculation, obviates the circumcision operation, develops a natural foreskin, removes BPH tissue from the urethra and prostate gland, straightens the slightly bent or curved penis, curing or preventing further decline with peyronies. Mention is made in the instructional manual that best results are achieved when exercising in the semi erect position, should erections occur, quite natural, carry on with therapy or masturbate and proceed with a semi erect penis especially if you do not want to promote skin stretch.

    Exercise 5 enlarges and opens the prepuce opening for easy smooth retraction of the foreskin preventing phimosis or para phimosis, skin tear, the circumcision operation or unneccessary surgery to the penis. The texture cream enhances the skin texture on the shaft,glans and neck area very often tender to the touch and during cleansing, prevents hair fine tears, a burning itchy sensation ( very irritable) A strong penile skin prevents easy infection and promotes hygienic conditions under the foreskin. Always retract the foreskin completely when passing urine and if possible never have a catheter inserted post operation it could cause damage. A urine bag may be available that fits around the penis and testicles a little messy but soap and water cleanses all with no damage to the prostate, urethra or bladder neck.

    Exercise 6 includes all the advantages associated with exercise three and four, improves more girth and length to two sections of the penis, the glans and neck area and the section of the penis in the body between the legs. Enlarges and fully develops a broad thick glans rim or mushroom, strengthens the penis, spongy tissue, veins, arteries and promotes skin stretch, improves blood circulation to the neck and glans penis enhancing the erection strength.

    Exercise 7 lengthens and adds more girth to the penis, includes all advantages as with exercises three and four, improves erection strength, promotes skin stretch for foreskin development, strengthens the penis and penile skin, promotes general fitness, blood circulation and function of the nervous system, enlarges the small underdeveloped openings in the corpora cavernosa promoting a muscular appearance to the shaft of the penis. Possibly the exercise could develop some type of muscle to the casing of the penis the strongest skin in the body and able to maintain the blood pressure in the penis during an erection. As we improve the blood circulation to the penis, blood circulation to the entire body is enhanced and improves. This exercise is exactly the same as exercises three and four but must be continuously practised in the erect position.

    Exercise 8 includes all advantages as with exercise three, four and six, improves erection strength, blood circulation, adds length and girth to the penis and develops the glans penis, mushroom and neck area, practically a combination of all the relevant exercises to the programme. Do not neglect the other exercises when commencing with this exercise. Exercises one, two, three and four are the basis to the programme and most important for maximum development.

    Exercise 9 enlarges the scrotum, improves blood circulation, function of the nervous system in the scrotum and on the testicles, the skin texture on the scrotum will improve and become smoother, removing all the unsightly wrinkles, the testicles will hang more relaxed and away from the body which looks and feels good.

    Exercise 10 & 11 enlarge the testicles, improves and enhances blood circulation, production of the natural hormones that are normally produced by the testicles including the very important virilising male hormone "Testosterone" and more active sperm cell production. The function of the testicles are naturally enhanced by the exercises applied to the penis.

    Exercise 12 lengthens and straightens the penis in the flaccid and erect position improves blood circulation, flow of urine and function of the entire, pleasure reproductive and nervous system, removes BPH tissue from the urethra and cures or prevents prostate gland infection. Most exercises assist in this regard. The toxicity and the urea in the urine, infects the prostate gland when weak or poor, flow of urine is experienced this occurs mainly when erections are not all that strong, the BPH tissue clings to the walls of the urethra and prostate gland slowing down and interfering with the flow of urine, young men seldom suffer from prostate infection, Mother Nature compensates and loosens the BPH tissue (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) when the urethra is stretched with a good strong erection and the tissue is flushed out when urinating. Cyclists do major damage to the urethra over a period of time and develop prostate infection symptoms at a very young age.

    Exercise 13 is very important for all males, before commencing with any exercise do a thorough examination of the testicles and penis in the flaccid state searching for any abnormality, hardening or crystallization of the spongy tissue, veins, arteries on or in the penis, scrotum and testicles. Should you detect any such abnormalities follow the instructions in the exercise manual and do not commence with exercise until improvement or the abnormality has disappeared. Should there be any painful situation I would suggest you see your Doctor first. Look at the purchase as a long term good investment and in later life apply any exercise at random once a day for three minutes a session (the time you spend on brushing your teeth) and keep the penile and urinary system strong, fit and healthy.

    Exercise 14 strengthens the "sphincter" or anal muscle and the muscle in the penis called the "pubococcygeal" an automatic reflex muscle that is used to cut off the flow of urine or lift the penis in the flaccid and erect position. With the average male development of these important muscles is poor and rather weak. A strong pubococcygeal muscle improves the ability control and prevent premature ejaculation. promotes a much stronger ejaculation force and improves the orgasm.

    Exercise 15 is more or less the same as exercise two with similar advantages, less harsh and strenuous on the penile system but includes development to the underside of the penis shaft and the urethra. When commencing with exercise and you find that exercise two is too harsh to apply strenuously, commence with this exercise until the penis has strengthened considerably and then include exercise number two on a regular basis.

    Exercise 16 enlarges and improves the function of the testicles, a very erotic exercise, promoting virility, improved erections, flow of the spermatazoa from the epididymis through the seminiferous tubules, ductus deference, vesicle, globus minor, ejaculatory, seminal ducts and prostate gland preventing blockages and painful unpleasant ejaculations during an orgasm.