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Information about Internet Development in Ukraine and Related Processes

This page provides information about Internet development in Ukraine and re-orgnisation of .UA ccTLD Administration in accordance with ICANN and  CENTR  Recommendations.
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Historical information related to this page

Internet Development in Ukraine
Information, Statistics, Projects
.UA Administration Reorganisation Process

IANA .UA Root Zone Whois Information

Official .UA NIC - Rules, Documents, Domains (Historical)

Hostmaster Ltd (formerly .UA Network Coordination Group) - current operational .UA administrative and technical group

Reforming .UA Adimistration - Information site of UANIC WG (Joint WG to coordinate .UA reformation) 

  • Historical coverage and archive starting 1998
  • Memorandum about joint efforts by Ukrainian ISP and Government (Ukrainian)  - November 2000
  • DRAFT Memorandum about joint activity to re-organise .UA administration (Ukrainian)  - March 2001
  • Conciliation Agreement about establishing the Closed Joint-Stock Company " Ukrainian Network Information Center" (Ukrainian, English) - March 12, 2001
  • Letter to ICANN about starting .UA re-delegation process (Ukrainian, English) - March 15, 2001
Ukrainian Internet Association Association of Internet Market Members TELAS - Association of Ukrainian Telecom Operators

Press and mass-media coverage

Historical information from NetUA and Hostmaster Ltd

Official Documents about Internet Regulation and Management

ICANN formation - ICANN Bylaws, ICANN Structure

ICANN Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC) homepage
Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) Committee
Domain Name Supporting Organization of ICANN (DNSO)
Address Supporting Organization (ASO)
Protocol Supporting Organization (PSO)

CENTR - Council of European National Top level domain Registries

WIPO internet domain name process

IANA, IETF and RIPE Documents regarding TLD and IP address regulation

Country Codes according to ISO 3166 (Source: RIPE NCC). 
Country Codes Matrix.

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