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 An Overview of Tantra - Excerption.  The Love Teachings of the Kama Sutra - Excerption
 The Polarity Process - Excerption  The Sex Magic Process - Excerption
 Left Hand Path of Tantra - Excerption  Sacred Orgasms - Excerption
 Breath Control - Excerption  Yoni Massage - Excerption
 Karezza - Excerption  Lingam Massage - Excerption
 Psychic Protection - Excerption  

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 Articles & Book Excerpts
 Beginner's Guide - Practices
Articles & Book Excerpts:
What is Spiritual Sex? - Excerption
by Peter Rengel
from the book Living Life In Love
Kundalini Yoga - Excerption
by Ravi Singh
from the video Kundalini Yoga
Male Multiple Orgasms -Excerption
by Mare Simone
The Magic of Touch - Excerption
by Patricia Huntington Taylor
from the book The Enchantment of Opposites
Sexuality: Upping the Ante - Excerption
by Peter Rengel
from the book Living Life In Love
The Spiritual Journey - Excerption
by Keith Hall
Tantric Sex - Excerption
from the Boston Phoenix
by Alicia Potter
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Tantra - Excerption
An interview with Miranda Shaw by Craig Hamilton
Tantra, Men and Sexual Healing - Excerption
from Tantra Magazine by Maryse Côté
Beginner's Guide - Practices:
Live Audio Interview
with owner Suzie Heumann
Sexercises - A Practice - Excerption
by David and Ellen Ramsdale
from the book Sexual Energy Ecstasy
Satisfaction Guaranteed for Women - Excerption
by Mantak Chia & Douglas Abrams Arava
from the book The Multi-Orgasmic Man
Expanding Our Neural Connections - Excerption
by Suzie
Communication and Erotic Touch - A Practice - Excerption
by Suzie
Orgasmic Consciousness Breath - Excerption
by Suzie
A Lovers Recipe - Excerption
by Suzie
The Chakras - Excerption
by Suzie