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Yuri Demchenko

Senior Researcher
System and Network Engineering Research Group
University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam
E-mail: y.demchenko-at-uva<dot>nl

Yuri Demchenko @ TERENA

The homepage of Yuri Demchenko, Internaut, Teacher, Philosopher, Artist, Explorer, Traveller, Consultant and Expert

at http://cad.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua/~demch/ - Now at http://www.uazone.org/

Research and Curriculum Vitae

Main research areas: Big Data Architecture, Big Data Security, Cloud and Intercloud Architecture, AAA architecture, Security and Trust in dynamically provisioned services, Instructional methodologies and eductaion on Cloud Computing and Big Data

Academic work and instructional methodology development Projects and activities Philosophy and Modern Information Society - Finding your own way
What is the philosophy challenge of our Information Age and emerging Knowledge Based Society: World without frontiers and increasing virtuality of human existence? - Blurring reality of information space as a new reality. - Supramental channelling and interaction.  Living, Hobbies and Photo Gallery
Geographical and mental travelling is my natural passion. The man is the same in work and rest. Living in harmony comes with understanding and love to people and nature.
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Established in 1994 at http://cad.ntu-kpi.kiev.ua/~demch/